People criticize religion as a way to "fill in the gaps" of the things unknown to us, yet many times, science does the same; calls them theories, and treats them as the absolute truth, amirite?

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we dont treat them as absolute truth...

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The nature of science is such that nothing can ever be proven 100%. Theories are the closest possible to a full understanding of something, which, again, is technically impossible.

No. Religion has a habit of taking a mystery, something that mankind doesn't understand yet, and saying, "Oh, that was God. How else could it come to be?"

This is different from science, of which the whole purpose is to unravel the mystery. We attack that mystery until we are enlightened, little by little, about how it works. We don't attribute it to the 'supernatural' and stop there. Everything is in the natural realm, and therefore, it is possible to understand it.

So yeah, religion IS kind of used to "fill in the gaps," a shortcut, per se, to understanding the universe.

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Religion doesn't change it's thinking. The church insists that they are right, they ignore the evidence against them, they don't try to progress. Science does.

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