When trying out new glasses frames, it would be a whole lot simpler to pick new ones if you could actually see what you look like with them on without having to go awkwardly close to the mirror, amirite?

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I once had to pick out new glasses frames while my eyes were so dilated (I don't know why, but it was particularly bad that time) I could barely see my hand in front of my face. My dad had to choose a pair for me because I simply could not distinguish one pair from another in my almost-blind state. When I was finally able to see the next day, I found that the glasses my dad had chosen were bright pink, oddly-shaped glasses with the Barbie logo on each side and a little Barbie face engraved at the corner of each side of the frame. On top of all that, the prescription was way off.

I never did wear those glasses.

Before I got contacts, I had my mother take pictures in ones I thought I liked. It was a long process, but it made it easier to tell what they really looked like.

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