If you owned a time machine or a time traveling device ,you would hope it would be the size of a watch and not a big bulky contraption like in most movies, amirite?

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I'd hope it would be a TARDIS.

@ItsATrap I'd hope it would be a TARDIS.

Was about to say that

Lots of room, rather comfortable and if you don't like the manual, you can throw it in a super nova!

As much as I don't want to be this guy, inb4 macne.

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If it was a TARDIS or a delorean I think I'd be okay.

I wish I had a time machine. You could go slightly into the future by a few minutes and try out something. If it works out then you go back to the present and do it. If it doesn't then don't.

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DeLorean, defiantly. They're just so damned sexy it'd be worth the expenditure of space. But small would be convenient, I'll give you that.

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