You hate that one person who never stops singing, and you just want to throw a brick that them, amirite?

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Hooplaaaa! Hooplaaaa! Hooplaaaa!

@Jdevine21 Hooplaaaa! Hooplaaaa! Hooplaaaa!

Favorite Spongebob episode, no doubt.

Skr3wBalls avatar Skr3wBall Yeah You Are +4Reply

Unfortunately, that would be me. And the worst part is that I can't even sing.

I understand if you have to throw a virtual brick my way.

My mom, she can't carry a tune for her life. But she sings all the damn time. I don't have the heart to tell her that she sucks.

kingfor_besitoss avatar kingfor_besitos Yeah You Are +4Reply

there's people on youtube like that..like i admire their dedication to keep posting covers of songs and all amidst all the shit they get, but honestly...it's painful to listen to.
nanaluvstrouble..honestly don't know if she's trolling or she sincerely thinks she can sing.

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I love to sing, and serenade people for fun all day... I didn't know people hated it that much. My dreams are crushed.

I don't hate them, however I would love to throw bricks at them sometimes.

cough choir kids cough

frenchhornists avatar frenchhornist Yeah You Are 0Reply

I like to sing to my cat.

That's me :(. I can sing, but a lot of the time my family wants me to shut up.

@....right... you can "sing"

I'm a trained classical singer, but I guess they don't want to hear opera all day long. Then they turn around and try to get me to sing at family events.

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