It would be cool if our pee would turn into the color of what drink we had last. amirite?

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Not for vampires..

Imagine peeing milk.

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I think Bear Grylls would become a paradox.

I'd probably forget to flush and then my parents would figure out that I had alcohol the night before.

Chocolate milk would be odd. Fruit Punch would be scary. Lemonade wouldn't be all that different. Pink lemonade would be cool.

Skr3wBalls avatar Skr3wBall Yeah You Are +3Reply

It'd certainly make drinking strawberry milkshake interesting.

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I'd never drink v8 again...

Juless avatar Jules No Way +2Reply

Soda would be disgusting.

@BP032 Soda would be disgusting.

I was drinking coca cola when I though of this post. lol.

Predys avatar Predy Yeah You Are +2Reply
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I would drink grape juice everyday

Trishs avatar Trish Yeah You Are +1Reply

I drink way too much root beer for me to ever want this.

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