There's always that one person on your Facebook newsfeed that practically blinds you with the amount of illiteracy in their statuses, amirite?

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"Wut a hell of a night smh
My night juz had 2end like thiz.
Anywayzzzz... GN fb see ya in the A.m

Well, bouta go 2sleep wit my babygirl :-)

Momy luv u Ny-Ny u the only one i need 2keep me happy."

"Daaam!!!!! drama in the house already SMFH
Itz 2dam early 4thiz shit!!
Cant wait 2get the fuk outa hr, my place need 2hurry up.
Once im out i aint eva comein bak!! (maybe 2visit anywayz lol) shit iz really cray right now

Welp, startin my day off wit the most pretty lil babygirl in the world, My Ny-Ny"

People actually talk like this. WHY? WHAT DID ENGLISH DO TO YOU?

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