The friendzone is bullshit. Just because someone is your friend doesn't mean that you're entitled to them being sexually attracted to you and wanting a relationship. It's not even a true friendship if you're just in it because of that. You're not being a "nice guy/girl", you're being an asshole/bitch, amirite?

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It's annoying how the "nice guys" think that someone who is looking for a nice guy is willing to just jump on the first seemingly nice guy that crosses their path.
"Oh, I'm not attracted to you, totally my bad there."

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Finally someone who understands! Usually posts about this are like' it sucks when you love one of your female friends but give no outward signs of it and then demand a relationship she's surprised and doesn't even like you.'

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You've completely misunderstood the concept of the friend zone.

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@You've completely misunderstood the concept of the friend zone.

Enlighten me, then. I stated it's dumb to believe you're entitled to the romantic attraction of your opposite sex friends. The friendzone is when the friend you like sees your relationship as strictly platonic. How have I misunderstood?

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I would never date a "nice guy" who saw my friendship as a bad thing. Period. How about instead of bitching about a girl's relationship (not at all your business), the boys in the "friendzone" cherish the friend they have? For all the guys who say the girls run to them in tears and use you only when they want something... you really want to date that? To me, it looks like you just have terrible taste in girls.

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I also think it's a bit of a jerk-y thing to do to automatically assume the your friend's boyfriend is a dick just because he's not you. You're not the shit. You're just a guy. And assuming you deserve a relationship because you're nice to someone ISN'T the "nice-guy" thing to do. That's actually pretty douchey.

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