Just because you find out a dude is gay, doesn't mean he's going to try to hit on you. Like for example when someone finds out a guy is gay they are like " Ew get away, I don't swing that way". Well who said they wanted you in the first place? People act like homosexuals don't have preferences too. Gay people aren't attracted to every male in existence. Maybe they don't find you attractive anyways? Not to mention gays have self control too. They aren't all sex hungry. amirite?

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When a heteronormative person hears someone is gay, they immediately think of sexuality since that is what they're being told about. I think that's why gays get so sexualized.

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Wut? I'm a straight girl, so I wanna sleep with all men, and all straight men wanna sleep with me. It only makes sense this logic also be applied to homosexuals!

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I'm pretty sex hungry...

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