The difference between a gaming mouse and regular mouse is greater than that of a gaming keyboard and regular keyboard, amirite?

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http://ctrlv.in/82241 I'm currently using one with 17 :D

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@Emperorerror Damn. I want one now.

It's called Razer Naga. They have two colours, normal and Molten. The molten one has a 'lava cracks' design on the back and is red instead of blue. I costs 70+USD (conversion rate is not constant. I paid more than 1.3x to get one here in Singapore) if you buy online and I think in some gaming stores.

There is also a Razer Naga Epic. It's supposed to perform better but the Razer symbol on the back doesn't light up and the forward and back buttons are in a position non-optimal for gaming, but better for use with browsers. There are interchangeable side panels for added comfort and a wireless option.(the normal one is wired, which is better to me) YOu can also change the light colour for the Epic.

They may be coming out with a blue colour scheme called Maelstrom, but i wouldn't hold my breath. The green one looks cool, but it only has 11 buttons. Go to Razerzone.com for more info.

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