When you say "all but forgotten" that means it will be far from forgotten, as in it will be remembered, amirite?

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That doesn't make sense.

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If I were to say I'm all but skinny, that would mean I was fat, yes?

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No it means that it is almost/nearly forgotten.

@Then it's still remembered...

Yes but not "far" from being forgotten.

I feel like you're proving a point to someone...

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In the first spider man movie, the green goblin says 'Spider man is all but invincible, but Peter Parker, we can destroy' he means that spider man is super strong and very powerful and hard to kill and very very close to invincible, but not quite. Equally, All but forgotten means so close to forgotten that it almost is, but not quite. So; this post is incorrect. That's right, fuck you colebowl, it's me from the other post here to shit on what you think you have for intelligence, again. If any of you read the link above and it's comments you know what I mean.

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