Today in gym class my teacher made my class run 3 laps around my school (which is pretty big). I'm not in the best of shape and I'm a pretty slow runner. I tried my best but I was still one of the last 5 people to finish running. My gym teacher then called us all pathetic, chewed us out in front of the whole class and made us run another lap. I am allowed to be embarrassed and a little pissed of at him, amirite?

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You're allowed to be a lot pissed at him

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I'm all about being respectful to my elders, but I'm also a firm believer in respect being earned. I wouldn't have done the extra laps just to be stubborn.

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Thanks for the comments you guys. I made this post because my friends thought I was being a bitch when I complained about the unfairness of my gym teacher and I wanted to see if that was true

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This reminds me of this one time in elementary school. I remember in gym class, I had a really mean gym teacher and we were racing each other. I was one of the last people and while she didn't disown me or anything, she made me sit to the side while she put all the faster people in a group. It made me feel bad.

Your gym teacher is a bitch for doing that.

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You don't have to be allowed to gel something, and you don't need justification for how you feel. So go feel however you want.

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