You hated going through victory road. amirite?

Image for post You hated going through victory road. amirite?
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Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire were my favorite group of pokemon games. I am not a fan of black and white and all these new things. Did you know that they have an icecream cone pokemon? A fucking ice cream cone. Oh yeah, and a gothic pokemon- Gothita.
I miss the old days.
And yeah VR pissed me off so much, wild zubats or whismers or whatever was in that particular cave were really obnoxious.

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...I'm playing this game right now. I'm going through Victory Road and I'm out of super repels. Better drink my own piss

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I had to take breaks so I wouldn't get too frustrated with the labyrinth/wild pokemon popping up.

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Not as much as i hated rock tunnel though

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