I thought that everyone saw numbers and letters as shapes, sounds and colors and moldable objects, but today I found out I have something called synesthesia today, It's crazy how I've just been accepting it since I was born, amirite?

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Synesthia seems pretty cool. I think everyone, to a certain degree has it, too. If you ask people what color they think the number 2 is, you'll probably get some answers, but when most people look at the number 2, they don't see any color but the one shown. And to answer your question about how we (or I, at least) do math, most of it is memorized. I can tell you, without delay, that 8 times 4 is 32. That's just engrained in my memory. When things get difficult and numbers get large, my minds tends to kind of cloud, as if I was tired, and I can't think too clearly or quickly. Generally, though, I view problems as the actual process. If I was adding 136 and 814, I would picture one number over the other and sort of act like I was doing it on paper. It's hard for me to explain as well because, normally, you don't really think about what you're doing. After all these years, you just do it.

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That's really interesting. I love the idea of perception and how everyone views things differently, so this is definitely cool to learn about. I mean, when someone says the word "cool" someone might think of ice, someone could picture a guy in aviators and a v-neck, and a third could just picture the word in shades of light blue. If you ask a synesthete, you could get visual, physical, and auditory interpretations of it. Pretty sweet.

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You just found out today?

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Hmm that's interesting. Well I just see the numbers the way are on the paper. And it's slightly like reading to me, you know how the brain already knows what what letters form which words? Well it's like that but with numbers. Then after the basics you add all the formulas as stuff and then it's like solving a puzzle... wait, I'm confusing myself now. This is probably a bad example :( or what if other people don't do it the way I do hmm smilie

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