The Geico commercials aren't funny anymore, amirite?

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Geico commercial ideas:
Find pregnant lady. Make her drink juice. She likes the non shit juice. Therefore, geico.

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They're stupid now.

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Anymore? I remember way back to the squirrels. I remember that being one you'd say "meh" to and change the channel. I could only wish I was a writer for them and churn out the most simple garbage I could think of. TOO easy money. The ones coming up with them have ridiculously simple job that I hope they're ashamed of. I could come up with better concepts, but it wouldn't be necessary. They seem to like to churn out crap that makes no sense and isn't funny. And how many concepts are there? The gecko, the money with eyes, the pig, the Rod Serling ripoff asking NOT funny questions and COUNTLESS others, none of which have anything to do with insurance, which makes it even more anti-funny. If you like this useless waste there's something wrong with you. If you laugh, you're dim. You just are, so get over it. And does Geico own Hulu? I don't mind ads for free TV shows at all, but do the majority have to be these Geico ads? If I don't turn the sound down and look away, I feel a piece of my brain die every time.

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