I'm glad that you "liked" my happy birthday message on Facebook, but a thank you would have been nice, amirite?

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Considering the amount of "friends" people have on facebook and considering how many people are REALLY their friends, people are not likely to go out of their way to say happy birthday to that one kid from grade 8 on something other than a social network. But since they even considered you and said happy birthday, a thank you would be nice.

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I like them because I hate pretty much everyone, so why bother, and I'm paranoid that if I make some thank yous more personalized than others, people will be offended or something. It's just easier.

I don't like it when people wish me happy birthday on my Facebook wall. It's too impersonal. If they want a genuine thank you, they can at least be genuine enough in wishing me a happy birthday to use a different medium than Facebook when doing so.

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