Anime fans who insist anime should only be watched in Japanese are annoying. Yes, some English dubs are heavily edited and/or poorly acted, but many others are just as good as the original audio. Japanese people watch anime in their own language without having to read subtitles, and there's nothing wrong with English-speaking people who wish to do the same, amirite?

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Some idiot is gonna post about 4Kids.

I personally think Code Geass is much better dubbed, but that's because of Lelouch and Lloyd's voices...

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I have run into quite a few poorly dubbed animes, but the more recent ones have done an amazing job with not only syncing sound with mouth movement and using proficient voice actors, but have done so whilst staying as true to the character's original voice as possible. Kiba is a fantastic example, as is Attack On Titan, and if my memory serves me correctly, DNAngel didn't do half bad either. Of course, if you watch enough anime with subtitles, you start to pick up on the nuances of the language, and over time, the reading becomes second nature and it won't even bother you, especially if the storyline is one that thoroughly interests you.

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So far only Pokemon and Dragon Ball and some card battling or slot car racing ones have decent voice acting. Race-tin Flash & Dash is possibly the worst voice acted anime ever. Inuyasha is still bearable in English, but in most anime, Japanese is far better.

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