It seems like Anthony really wants to be like Mark Zuckerberg, amirite?

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Yes, because updating a website layout is a terrible thing and only Mark Zuckerburg does it. He's clearly trying to make the website worse even though he added a lot of cool things.

We should stone him. Clearly.

What? Rich and successful?

@Chewbanshee What? Rich and successful?

So... because he made changes to his website, that means he is trying to be somebody else? Does Mark Zuckerberg hold all eternal rights to being the sole person who can change their website?

@Chewbanshee What? Rich and successful?

I don't understand the commenting!!! Did I reply to Chewbanshee, or shortillathehun?

@Chewbanshee What? Rich and successful?

I just meant like the new layout is hard to get used to and once facebook changes everyone freaks out

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