Communism is all but dead. Capitalism doesn't appear to be working well. A third economic system, yet nameless, will emerge. amirite?

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It's already called a "mixed economy".

@SpearmintMilk It's already called a "mixed economy".

i don't think they mean, a mix of socialism and capitalism. But a new type that is not socialism or capitalism.

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@SpearmintMilk It's already called a "mixed economy".

There are already 4 types of economic systems.
-Mixed economy
-Traditional economy (well that actually has more than one type of system but the one term is used for them all).

I love the foresight. I was writing a personal note about this. Recently. I think the new economic system needs to take into account more psychological aspects of the population. People are throwing around terms like technocrat, I think this should be the new push. For economies to become more long-term technologically advanced, rather than looking at profit or growth figures. i think if a nation owns the technology, patents and know how, then they will stay competive on the world market, regardless of where the manufacturing or the workers are. PPle are always complaining that their jobs doesn't fully exploit their knowledge skills and capability. An structure to increase the technological entrepreneurs would harness this overflow of overeducated, and provide greater job satisfaction, and profit. amirite?

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