Ever read your history books? There's always psychos in power. Kim Jong Il, one of those psychos, has a son, who just took his throne. He has access to nuclear weapons.. its dangerously close to December 21st, 2012. History repeats itself.. it's not at all stupid to be afraid, amirite?

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Have you seen North Koreas last attempt at testing a missle? It failed.. miserably.

It's stupid to be afraid because of the Mayan's.

Thank god we dropped commandos into north korea

I don't believe the Mayan shit. All I'm saying is we could have a crazy man in power. A crazy man who, could possibly just decide "Hey everybody's saying the world will end in December of this year. Why not make it end myself?" and launch a nuclear attack. One nuclear bomb goes off, and I promise you there will be more to follow. Aaand next thing you know we're in a chemical warfare. Which in turn may kill the human race off or even destroy our planet. Whiiich could also be known as "The End Of The World." Amirite?

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