If a new population joins a pre-existing, stable (sustainable if isolated from the new one), population, the 'native' one shouldn't be obligated to make drastic changes so as to accommodate the new population, unless the 'natives' forcibly brought the new population in, or the new population NEEDS to join the 'natives', amirite?

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Maybe. But that was wrong too. The fist settlers were kind of assholes to the native, killing them and all. Sure it gave rise to one of the greatest nations on Earth, but it was still wrong.

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I'm not trying to be sexist here, but i'm referring to how there are so many more girl gamers joining the once very predominantly male gaming population. As I am sure you are aware, there is a lot of sexual harassment in online games. This includes aksing girls, obviously in jest, to send pictures of their boobs, and yelling at other guys about screwing their mothers, sisters, or 'fucking them in the ass'. Girl gamers used to accept this, and sometimes even joined in. However, now that they have a decent percentage of the online population, many are calling for change, censorship etc. I'm all for gender equality and anti-misogyny, and I understand that many of these girls were hooked on video games by their boyfriends trying to make a guy-oriented activity count as spending time together, but the online world is still possibly the only place left where guys can freely rage without being labelled as sexist or insensitive. Girls are still considered foreigners in such a place and most guys feel that they should be allowed to join in the freedom and fun, but if they start to feminise the gaming world, it could be considered an invasion and occupation.

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@B10ckH34d I'm not trying to be sexist here, but i'm referring to how there are so many more girl gamers joining the once very...

If you are a girl and are against or neutral to this change, I respect you, but if you are one of those who want a change like this, please remember that Xbox Live and others like it were guy places first, and reated to be a such, and you don't NEED to play with us if you're unhappy. i think Microsoft should just make it possible to filtre players n matches by gender so that girls can have a wholesome bloodbath (see how strange that sounds? Etiquette in a war game?), without diminishing our fun.

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