When you drive, it's interesting to think about the ripple effect your're having on traffic all over the city. Like, your right turn will cause another car to wait for you to turn, so he'll get to a stop light a little bit later and miss the green light, which will cause another car to be second at the light instead of first, which will cause them to miss a light somewhere up ahead, etc. Amirite?

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Definitely thought this was gonna end with '... Causing the second car to T-bone a minivan full of infants at 45 miles per hour.' or some other butterfly effect like ending

@shorkian That would totally defeat the point. This post is supposed to be relatable and realistic.

If there is absolutely no butterfly effect style occurrence to give the ripple effect meaning then I fail to see why this post is interesting. It simply is not interesting to think of day to day boringness. If some how you were able to find out from an almighty statistics of life thing that when you sped up to catch the yellow light you created a domino effect that saved 4 lives. Otherwise I don't see how thinking about this is even mildly worth thought, no offense to OP

When you dive, it's interesting to think about the ripple effect you're having on the water in the pool.

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I was just thinking about that yesterday while driving

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Sound of Thunder.. bah

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