Since detention and suspension can sometimes be considered 'cool' at schools, teachers should get more creative punishments. Maybe instead of just going to the office for probably just a warning because they were being an asshole, they can be forced to drink a glass of piss in front of the whole class or something. That'll teach 'em. amirite?

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I believe that falls under cruel and inhumane punishment...

@Chewbanshee I believe that falls under cruel and inhumane punishment...

I think it's cruel and unusual. And yeah you're right this isn't something I think should actually happen lol.

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My teacher makes students sing :)

I had a teacher that made you stand on one leg for 5 minutes without leaning on something or putting your foot down if you disrupted class. It was always funny to watch people do it.

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At my school, a lot of the boys dip. If they are in our JROTC program, the drill instructors have been known to make them swallow a whole entire can of it if they're caught. I've heard it's not very pleasant, and some boys throw up afterwards.

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@TalkingRice ooh, I live in California.. everyone just smokes weed

A lot of people here smoke weed. It just depends on what kind of person you are. The redneck guys typically dip, and others smoke weed. Oh, here is Wikipedia's link on dip. It probably explains it way better than I do: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dipping_tobacco

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@TalkingRice dip?

It's a form of tobacco you stick behind your bottom lip, and spit out the "juice" in a bottle. You don't actually swallow anything. Its hard to explain, but I'd say more than half the guys at my school do it. I guess thats what I get for living in Redneckville, North Carolina.

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