On this site, atheists can ramble all they want about how Christians are a "cancer," but the second someone says they are a believer, they are eaten alive. It's a shame that the non-religious can be so hateful when a religious person is compelled to apologize for standing up. Biased, amirite?

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I've seen lots of people talk about their religion and the atheist gets shot down. It doesn't matter if your Christian or atheist or what, so long as you're not a douche bad about it no one cares.

That's a pretty broad generalisation.

Trolls do get shot down on this site, but genuinely religious people who are respectful of others' beliefs are not.

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Are you talking about in general or just on this site?

For one, if the site is full of athiests of course the Christians are going to be ridiculed more. For two, I haven't really seen it happen. Like somebody anonymously posted, I have seen trolls get ridiculed but not respectful people.

Other than to the normal degree that the internet does.

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