You understand and are alright with the fact that you are part of a demographic thereby causing people to make ads that appeal to you without really showing you why their product is good, that's just how marketing works. But you still don't bother watching almost any advertisements, on T.V. You just don't pay attention, maybe grab something to eat and on the Internet you just skip them as quickly as possible or ignore them (if they're on the side of the screen or whatever), am I right?

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There are at least two or three separate ideas presented here. Which are we agreeing with?

Sometimes I feel bad and let the entire add run before a YouTube video or something. I just imagine the marketing person sitting in a corner and crying softly because he knows he's just paid a crap load of money just to have people zone out and then click "skip" after the required three seconds, and I want to make him feel as if he made at least a small difference.

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