It kind of scares you to think of the day kids look back on newer shows and feel nostalgia for them the same way we do. "Why can't shows be like Hannah Montana anymore? That show was awesome! I loved Miley!", amirite?

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How is that scary? That's how nostalgia works.

...I'm 16 and I miss Hannah Montana. It was better than Shake it Up and Fish Hooks.

Now I'm thinking about music. 30 years on: "What music do you like?" "Oh, I'm not into modern music, I like all that timeless, classic older stuff. Like Justin Bieber and One Direction."


I don't see how that's scary. I miss Hannah Montana, too. I also miss Lizzie McGuire. I love Austin and Ally right now, and I'm going to miss that when it ends, too.

People don't seem to understand that loving "old" Disney Channel and "new" Disney Channel aren't mutually exclusive.

I'll admit, I'll be slightly sad when Phineas and Ferb ends.

This already happens with N'sync and the Backstreet Boys. I listen to them sometimes, but they don't really have the best music.

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