You have a fear of waking up, completely immobile, to find a man standing over you, slowly cutting into your abdomen, laughing menacingly as you plea hopelessly for him to leave you alone, amirite?

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I fear waking up, pouring myself a nice big bowl of cereal, and then looking into the fridge, only to realize there isn't any orange juice left. Because the pulp just brings out the texture of each flake, ya know what I mean? And when you dig your spoon into the bowl, twirl it around a bit, and raise it up to your mouth...man I just swell up with an overwhelming anticipation to take a huge bite of that citrusy goodness. What a delight!

PSYCH!! I meant milk! haha!! Man, did I take you for a wild ride!

Well now I do un smilie

@SpearmintMilk Well now I do

i was literally going to say the exact same thing.

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