When you walk by people, you make quick judgements about them like "ooh she's hot," or "she has really cool clothes," or "he needs to work out." You wonder what quick judgemens people make about you, amirite?

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"Why can't I be as cool as him?"

I mean that's what I assume someone would say about me if I ever left my house.

LinksLegionaires avatar LinksLegionaire Yeah You Are +93Reply

"I wonder if that person quickly judged me."

jkp429s avatar jkp429 Yeah You Are +31Reply
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Same here.

EchoBears avatar EchoBear Yeah You Are +1Reply

Thanks for sharing, polar bear. My family always compare me with sullen, serious characters too. But my friends don't.

EchoBears avatar EchoBear Yeah You Are 0Reply

"She looks like she's 12, what's she doing driving a damn car...?"

I_Predict_A_Riots avatar I_Predict_A_Riot Yeah You Are +21Reply

"Is that Channing Tatum!?"

Anonymous +11Reply

"Damn, she's...she's definitely a person alright."

'That guy is American. He has a insert stupid american stereotype these need to stop.'

OnePiecepkmns avatar OnePiecepkmn Yeah You Are +10Reply

"Wow, that guy has curly hair..."

I have very curly hair.....

"well I guess things could always be worse..."

hattrick36s avatar hattrick36 Yeah You Are +3Reply

"Whoa, is that one of yao ming's descendants"?
I'm a pretty tall Asian(6 feet)...

Who's the Black Private Dick, That's a Sex Machine to All the Chicks? SHAFT

I'm guessing mine would be "She has really big eyes"
It's what I get the most comments on.

"Ew look at that ugly piece of shit"-mine

Big_Bosss avatar Big_Boss Yeah You Are 0Reply
@Big_Boss "Ew look at that ugly piece of shit"-mine

No, everybody's beautiful in their own way! :) I know that sounds super cheesy but it's true.

fj95s avatar fj95 Yeah You Are +4Reply

"What a fatass."

"Is that a walking toothpick? Dear God I think it is."

GryndStones avatar GryndStone Yeah You Are 0Reply

"What a sexy fucking beast"

"He needs to work out"? Really?

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