Racist people need to stop. Race just means that some people have a bit more or a bit less melanin in their skin. We all have the same insides. We're just one race. The human race. Amirite?

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I agree that racism needs to stop, but there is more to someone's race than their skin colour.

Everyone's insides are different.

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@Everyone's insides are different.

We all have hearts, brains, lungs, etc. We're pretty much the same. Most of us at least.

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@Everyone's insides are different.

We all have different DNA. Hearts efficiency is different. Lung efficiency is different. Bones are larger in some and smaller in others. Hair follicles. Some people have heart murmurs.

This has nothing to do with anything besides that you said "We all have the same insides."

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I'm not racist, and I'm not about to say I'm not a racist BUT.
I completely agree with you, but the insides argument is inefficient. Especially because there have been proven differences in races just for different diseases and such.

Honestly as long as you're not infringing on another persons right then you can be racist all you want.

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