Girls: It sucks how the time of the month when you are the horniest is also the time where no one would really want to have sex with you. amirite?

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If you’re so useless at masturbation that you can’t satisfy yourself during your period, go & buy yourself a decent sex toy FFS!
Don’t bother with a dildo or penis substitute cos we all know they don’t really hit the spot. Try one of the air pressure/suction clit stimulators. They give a very subtle stimulation which brings you to a climax quickly, but doesn’t make your clit numb so you can easily go for seconds if one cum’s not enough(it never is, is it?!) I recommend the womaniser, but there are loads of different makes to cater for all tastes/pockets.
BTW, if your partner won’t go down on you just because you have a period, you’re with the wrong partner. Just saying.

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