You know what's more embarrassing than buying condoms? Buying a pregnancy test, amirite?

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Exactly! I cant help but feel pride anytime im buying condoms.


It's embarrassing when someone you know sees you buying them. Someone like a family friend.

I don't think it should be embarrassing unless you buy small...

I think you meant to use this post to say: 'If you feel too embarrassed to buy condoms and decide not to use them, be aware of the risk and about feeling even worse about buying a pregnancy test' and to show that it is indeed stupid not to buy them (or have safe sex when you don't want kids) and I really like your way of saying it :)

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I don't see what's embarrassing about either of them.

@silvershadow6 I don't see what's embarrassing about either of them.

Typically, teenagers are the ones that are embarrassed by buying condoms for the first time. But buying a pregnancy test as a teenager is the more embarrassing thing to do. So this post is directed at teenagers, I should've made that clear, sorry!

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Depends how old you are.

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