Supporting gay marriage but not polygamy doesn't make me a hypocrite. You could be raised in a straight household (or even a homophobic one) and still turn out to be gay, because it isn't a choice; but I doubt that anyone raised in a "normal" household will grow up and get married, but deep down always be thinking "this doesn't feel right... I wish that my husband had more wives beside just me". Polygamy is usually something taught/forced, not something that a healthy person is attracted to. amirite?

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Not something healthy people are attracted to...? People aren't naturally monogamous; that is something that you grow up with culturally, too. I wouldn't be in a polygamous relationship but if other people want then why should I care? If they were forced into it, then yeah it shouldn't happen. Because I don't think anyone should be forced to do something they don't want to do, like either be in a monogamous marriage or none at all.

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@Frank_n_Furter Not something healthy people are attracted to...? People aren't naturally monogamous; that is something that you...

Makes sense, but my point was that I don't think homosexuality should be compared to polygamy, as it often is, since homosexuality isn't a choice but polygamy is something you are taught.

-while I don't think it makes you a hypocrite directly, I do think it does to say that is the only case and it is okay to determine the number of people who can be married. while polyamory in some cases is forced/coerced, there are many people in the world who actually choose it, cultural or no.
-that choice isn't for others to make, in my opinion, and, in the same breath that i can't say it's right or wrong to be polysexual/monosexual, gay/straight/pansexual/asexual/whatever, i also can't say it's alright for someone to have one partner but not two or two partners and not one.
-as a polyamourist (defined as the practice, desire, or acceptance of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved- something very different than what you seem to be describing), I find myself completely comfortable in the idea that i came from a two parent home, and i don't think i want that. i find the idea that the (thought to be) average lifestyle, also often called "normal", is the only thing that can be healthy to be quite disturbing...

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What if polygamy is part of your culture?

@Kasanova What if polygamy is part of your culture?

Well... that's exactly my point. I think most people who practice polygamy do so because they were brought up in a community or religious group that encouraged it, and it's the way of life that they were taught. If they had been raised in a "normal" household, they probably wouldn't have any desires to practice polygamy. That's why I think it's unfair to compare it to homosexuality, since that isn't a choice. If you're gay, you're going to be attracted to the same sex no matter what environment you grow up in. In my opinion, that makes them very different.

@Kasanova What if polygamy is part of your culture?

I'm not blaming them for being raised a certain way, I just think that it's unfair to compare it to homosexuality because one is taught and the other is uncontrollable.

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