At least once, you received a punishment for a very stupid reason, amirite?

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Once my mom yelled at me because she told me to get off the internet, so I got off and started doing my laundry "in a disrespectful way."

LittleReds avatar LittleRed Yeah You Are +93Reply

I got a detention for not stopping a fart....

Lilblair16s avatar Lilblair16 Yeah You Are +55Reply

My mom grounded me for killing my sister. Like, what the fuck? She totally deserved it...

YeahIAms avatar YeahIAm Yeah You Are +45Reply

My mom grounded me because I got her a burrito instead of a burrito bowl :|

MikkiMouses avatar MikkiMouse Yeah You Are +40Reply

I got sent out of class because I was doodling and drew a picture of a rainbow with the colours in the wrong order and it made the girl sitting next to me cry.

SpearmintMilks avatar SpearmintMilk Yeah You Are +35Reply
@SpearmintMilk I got sent out of class because I was doodling and drew a picture of a rainbow with the colours in the wrong order...

Fair point, but the way the teacher did it made me feel like it was my fault and that I'd done it on purpose to wind her up and make a scene when I hadn't. The people teasing her should have been sent out because sending me out made them tease her more and the reason I was seated next to her in the first place was because I was one of the few people that was nice to her. The situation wasn't handled very well at all tbh.

SpearmintMilks avatar SpearmintMilk Yeah You Are +5Reply
@SpearmintMilk I got sent out of class because I was doodling and drew a picture of a rainbow with the colours in the wrong order...

She had aspergers, (they didn't tell us until the following year) and because she was crying over something that seemed really stupid people were making fun of her so the teacher decided that it was easier to send me and my drawing out of the class so she would calm down.

SpearmintMilks avatar SpearmintMilk Yeah You Are +3Reply
@SpearmintMilk I got sent out of class because I was doodling and drew a picture of a rainbow with the colours in the wrong order...

Well it doesn't sound so unreasonable or stupid that you got sent out into the hall now that you've explained it. Teacher was probably at a loss for what to do and thought you could handle the repercussions better than the crying girl.

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In second grade I picked up an acorn off the ground because I thought it was cool. The teacher yelled at me and sent a note home. I still don't get why.

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I was grounded for being tardy to school because the power went out in the middle of the night and my alarm clock didn't go off.

I got yelled at and sent to my room when I was like six for getting sick at the table.

I got in trouble at school for telling a kid to stop staring at my boobs.

I also got in trouble at school for skipping detention the day my mom told me she had cancer.

So lame.

LyssaBlaus avatar LyssaBlau Yeah You Are +33Reply

I used to get punished for being disabled. Apparently I abused the privileges given to me and was overly disruptive. On one occasion I was having trouble breathing, so I cut in front of a bunch of people to get into the nurse's office. One of the secretaries yelled at me and pulled me back to the end of the line, and so I started jumping up and down and crying because I was trying to alert people to the fact that I could no longer take a full breath and needed to be medicated immediately. She gave me detention and still made me wait. Then when the nurse finally saw me she yelled at her because my blood pressure had dropped and I could've ended up in a coma.

Oh, and the principal made a rule that I had to pick up any dog shit he happened to find on the school grounds, because since I was the only student with a service dog it was only reasonable that it was mine. Apparently stray dogs don't exist.

FlyingGuineaPigs avatar FlyingGuineaPig Yeah You Are +30Reply

Getting sent to the principle's office because I looked like I wasn't paying attention in class.

Getting sent outside again for the same reason.

Getting in trouble for saying "never mind" after a normal comment

Big_Bosss avatar Big_Boss Yeah You Are +27Reply

One time in elementary school I yawned and a boy claimed I was sticking my tongue out at him. Then the teacher took me aside and yelled at me for something I hadn't done, and even if I had, it shouldn't warrant making a seven year-old cry.

Once my stomach was really upset and I used the restroom. When I came out my mom grounded me for 'purposely being loud and disgusting' or something along those lines.

Recitals avatar Recital Yeah You Are +20Reply

During my younger brother's birthday party a couple years ago, I was just minding my own business playing some game on the computer and all of his friends came over to the computer to watch what I was doing. I got in really big trouble for "stealing his friends"

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Story of my life!

I got a timeout in kindergarten because I girl punched me in the head and I didn't tell on her. The same teacher sent me to the office because I moved my finger. And in third grade I got sent to the office because a girl threw an eraser at me and I didn't want to look at her when the teacher made her apologize.

I broke my elbow on the playground in kindergarten but my teacher wouldn't let me go to the nurses office because she "didnt see any bruises or cuts." She then yelled at me a half an hour later for "crying too loud during story time." You should've seen her face when I came in the next day with a cast on my arm.

@amy_rite I broke my elbow on the playground in kindergarten but my teacher wouldn't let me go to the nurses office because...

Same thing happened to me when I was 8 except I was laying on the ground after i fell off tge playground and all the kids gathered around me and the teacher said I was making a scene and grabbed my broken arm and it hurt so much I fell back and broke it again. Pain.

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Wow. The comment section here is so interesting.

in 2nd grade i got a detention because i asked to go to the bathroom and on my way there i saw my brother who was in preschool had just thrown up in the nurses office and was crying. she made him sit in a desk in the hallway and i sat with him for like 10 min until my mom came to get him. my teacher saw that i was with my brother but she told the office that i 'was planning to ditch'. also in third grade, a teacher made me help this girl carry her things to the office and i wasnt there to hear how she wanted us to stack these blocks, and when i came back, i stacked them wrong and she yelled at me in front of everyone and called me dumb. and when i started to cry, she told me to suck it up.... a couple years ago that same teacher won 1000 dollars for the 'best teacer of the district' contest. wtf.

My parents are actually pretty reasonable. I don't think I've ever been punished and felt I didn't deserve it.

Javvies avatar Javvie No Way +7Reply

Once, my P.E. teacher gave me a detention for "scowling" at her. Wtf?

On the first day of middle school I was walking through the parking lot into the school with my mom. There were a bunch of other kids going that way too, but this teacher came up and yelled at me. She said that I should know that students weren't allowed in the parking lot even after my mom pointed out that I was a fifth grader, it was the first day, and other students were in the parking lot.

The same teacher gave me detention for forging my mom's signature two years later. I didn't forge it; we just have similar handwriting.

Anonymous +6Reply

4th grade. Lost recess for leaning on a bush. It "hurt the bush"
And in 1st grade the entire class except one girl lost recess for talking during art class. I was an elective mute. And that girl was apparently the only one who didn't talk.

Ariodantes avatar Ariodante Yeah You Are +5Reply

I got a detention for hiding from a spitball. Some dude was shotting them so I obviously hide and when she saw me under my desk she like freaked out saying I was the imature one. The guy shooting me didn't even get in trouble. /:

SmileyTaras avatar SmileyTara Yeah You Are +3Reply

There was a straw on the floor because I took the top off of an old Big Gulp to dump it down the drain and my mom insisted that I THREW it on the ground on purpose. And when my brother and sister both told her that I didn't mean for the straw to end up on the ground, and also that there was no soda on the ground, she grounded me.

Once, she was teaching me how to drive and yelled at me to stop and put the car in park so that she could pull the car into the driving space sense I was just learning to drive. So I did, and she told everyone that I did it on purpose because I was mad and wants me to pay for everything wrong with the car.

This one isn't really a punishment, but I got $100 for my 16th birthday and she took it because there was no sweat off my ass to earn it.

Once when I was younger, I was swimming at my friend's house and we got all the pool toys out so her parents asked us to pick them all up before I left, so I stayed a few minutes longer and rode my bike home. I walked in the door 3 minutes after my curfew and my mom yelled at me, so I told her I was helping clean up, then she grounded me.

PurpleMonkeyss avatar PurpleMonkeys Yeah You Are +2Reply

I got lines for saying, "Albino" -_-

School? Really? What about at home? I can be scolded for displaying and for not displaying emotions.

B10ckH34ds avatar B10ckH34d Yeah You Are -7Reply
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