Picking and choosing is looking at a mass of information and going along with what benefits you and labeling the stuff that doesn't as bullshit. If you have a set of criteria, such as plausibility, sensibility and not being changed by something later in the same source, then it's perfectly reasonable to only believe the parts that fit your criteria, amirite?

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For example, At first humans were only allowed to eat vegetables, but then God gave us the animals, too. We weren't allowed to eat goats and sheep, but that changed later on. I'm pretty sure there was something about only natural fibres in clothing, and I'm not sure if it was changed or not, but I don't think God would send someone to Hell for wearing polyester.

The Bible also never said it's okay to be gay, but they're not harming anyone, so I don't see why people say we should shun them.

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Wow is this another religion debate waiting to happen? inb4 pointless arguments.....

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