You kind of miss the days when cameras only had 27 shots on a roll of film. People cared more about the quality and importance of each photo. And when you went on a trip, It was fun deciding which sights were worthy of one of your 27 shots, amirite?

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You're welcome to only take 27 photos per trip then.

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But that's why people had extra film rolls

Not at all. My finger was always in more than half of the pictures I had taken. Not cool.

But then I would just worry about which 27 photos to take and never end up taking any.

They still carry disposable cameras in stores... if you miss it that badly buy one.

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I always forget to take my camera to summer camp with me and have to buy a disposable one. Oh, nostalgia.

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As I kid I used them all up on goats at the petting zoo.

Sometimes I would take pictures and then never get them developed.

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