There should be terms for things like penis and vagina that don't feel awkward to say in polite company, amirite?

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Man parts, lady parts

@eastcoast Man parts, lady parts

Ha, that's true. My family pretends to be religious but in reality it's only me, my aunt, and my dad. So it is dependent on who you're talking to

@eastcoast Man parts, lady parts

Depends on the family I guess. I would feel really awkward talking about man parts to my very prudent Catholic grandmother.

@eastcoast Man parts, lady parts

Imagine talking about man parts to an old lady. It would be weird. There should be words where it wouldn't feel as weird.

@eastcoast Man parts, lady parts

Eh, I think I've used man parts before to my family. Wasn't that awkward

I just say penis and vagina. It's the medical terms, shouldn't be awkward. Saying a woman's vagina is her "who haa" is really awkward.

Male genitals, female genitals

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