1 Direction are this generation's Beatles, amirite?

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Why is everybody saying this?

@StickCaveman Why is everybody saying this?

Disregard this comment. I get it now... This generation sucks.

@StickCaveman Why is everybody saying this?

I meant disregard the above comment. If One Direction is this generation's Beatles, what does that say about this generation?

@StickCaveman Why is everybody saying this?

That we have sexay British boys singin to us.

I don't mind One Direction, but comparing them to the Beatles is like comparing a Tamagotchi to an Xbox.

(best analogy I could think of that would apply to 1D's demographic of fans)

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how and why in the world are people comparing those two bands. who even for a split second thought of it. seriously, you really think a bunch of today's generation teenagers would replace the beatles? that is sad.

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*Is. One Direction is a singular noun. If you were talking about the individuals in the band, then you would use are. Such as "The members of One Direction are this generation's Beatles." Is goes with singular, are goes with plural.

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