Just once, you would like to see a funeral scene in a movie that isn't taking place during a torrential downpour, amirite?

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It's not a movie, but the funeral in Scrubs. Makes me cry every time.

I think the one in Spider-Man wasn't raining.

@Sex_With_A_Snail I think the one in Spider-Man wasn't raining.

The new one is, I just saw it today. I don't think it was raining during Norman's funeral though.

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@ellephaba101 Rent!

Goodbye Love is one of my favorites
Appearently the cut it because they felt it was emotional overload
I was already crying, it couldn't have gotten much worse, just keep the song!

@ellephaba101 Rent!

Yessss, I wasnt the only one who thought of it!!
...they should've kept Halloween and Goodbye Love in the movie.

@ellephaba101 Rent!

Emotional overload is a good thing... It's not like the actual musical didn't overload.

My Girl


Charlie St. Cloud

That one with Robin Williams where he's a doctor (or something?) at a hospital and goes and makes his own clinic thing and the girl he falls in love with dies. Her funeral was sunshiney.

Big Fish. It was gloomy but not rainy... Not sure if this counts?

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Maybe a nice warm sunny day, or a scene where the sun's setting would be nice for once

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That one commercial for Direct TV.

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