They should make a show like Cash Cab called Cats Cab where people get into a taxi and a cat is driving and all of these flashing lights go off, but instead of answering questions everyone dies because cats can't drive, amirite?

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Now where'd did I hear this before?

Oh right. All over the internet.

You might as well call it Crash Cab.

Harpers avatar Harper Yeah You Are +7Reply

inb4 Favvkes

Sergios avatar Sergio No Way +6Reply
@Sergio inb4 Favvkes

She's searching for an appropriate cat picture as we speak.

Anonymous +4Reply

I agree. At least cite it. That's what that feature's for.

@Hairyleo I agree. At least cite it. That's what that feature's for.

It was my friends status on facebook...my bad. I didn't know she stole it from somewhere.

OliveYous avatar OliveYou Yeah You Are +1Reply

Cats can drive, just not well ;)

Anonymous +3Reply


Pedo_Cats avatar Pedo_Cat Yeah You Are 0Reply
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