It sucks when you're taking a multiple choice Math test and you confidently solve the problem without looking at the choices, but when you go to pick the right one it's not there, amirite?

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or i see the answer i got and i get excited and then i get the test back the next day and i was wrong :/

Whenever I get this it just makes me glad it's multiple choice and not written because I can usually find my mistake where otherwise I would have gotten the question wrong.

Math tests in general make me rage.

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...Well aren't you special. wary smilie I learned how to multiply with Winnie the Pooh flash cards and parental guidance.

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Oh yea? Well when I was 4 my sister taught me how to slap my babysitters butt and say "Who's your daddy!" So HA!

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...I can't figure out how to react to that story.

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My sister and babysitter were best friends. It was all in good fun.

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Well I wasn't bragging (cry2).

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