When you visit another country other than your homeland, the United States, you realize how fortuitous you really are for living in America. Other countries citizens suffer extreme tax hikes and make no different pay than you or me, paying for even higher priced products and goods. Other countries citizens face extreme violence and don't have things such as a police force. Other countries citizens tend to suffer abuse from their own governments. American citizens, we are lucky for what we have! amirite?

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1- Not everyone here is from your 'homeland' USA
2- Extreme tax hight? I like the taxes we have, Yes its 14 percent but check out what we have! In Quebec at least we have heath care low public university and cegep cost, Welfare and even more. I could say the same

When you visit another country but for your homeland Canada you realize how lucky you are here, While we have heath care for everyone, Low university cost and everything they have nothing that helps anyone!...

This post isn't fair. The countries that face that type of violence aren't first world countries. That's an unfair comparison. There are plenty of countries that do have a police force. And, yea, a lot of ye countries do have higher taxes but it pays for a lot more. It's not like it goes to the same things ours do. A lot of them have universal health care. We can't say that. They also tend to have better regulations of how companies can treat their workers. Are we lucky to live in a country that has the some of the things that it has? Yes. But it's not strictly America. Perhaps "First World Countries" would be better.

That doesn't mean we don't have problems of our own.

then you come to canada and see our health care benefits...

I'm pretty sure America isn't the only free country..

The thing about America (and other countries like it) is that if you're unsatisfied with something, you can do something about it without getting killed. That's what makes it (and others) in my opinion, amazing.

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