Getting a job is harder than getting a degree,amirite?

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I've been trying to get a job for about a month now...and still no luck. I think it might have something to do with my lack of work experience...

Getting a job isn't too hard. Getting a job that isn't ridiculously paid or mind killing is very hard.

Not in the under-populated South Dakota.

I think I'd have an easier time looking for "Help Wanted" signs in fast food restaurants than spending years in college...

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I have 3 jobs but no degree (yet) sooo not really. However, it is definitely easier to get a degree than a career!

most of the companies ask for experiences!...if you hav only degree but no experience, you will get job as a interns or trainee (less salary).
If you experience but no degree, you will get job in low position.
But if you have experience + degree, your job and salary will be awesome!

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