People with no friends: Sometimes you see people on facebook complaining about how they're stuck home on a Friday night and you think "Wow, your life must really suck; God forbid you stay home one friday. I'm stuck home every friday night.", amirite?

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I don't know how to vote. I hate when I see people complain like that, and I'm home every Friday night (and all the others). But I enjoy it. I prefer being alone.

I have a Tumblr, I don't need friends anyway..

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That always bugs me -_- It's the worst when there are a bunch of people making those same complaints all at once. Like I'll log on and twelve people are like "OMG i need new friendz mine suck" or "wow I have nothing to do tonight FML" I can't help but think, well if they need new friends, and you are ALSO in desperate need of new friends.... why don't you all introduce yourselves so you can all be friends and stop bitching about it. Problem solved.

I agree! I have an older sister who is pretty much the stereotypical blonde, popular cheerleader with all the friends. She'll complain about how many people are texting her and then post on Facebook about how she "wishes she had some friends lawlz". Though I'm fine with not having a bunch of friends (I'm extremely introverted), it annoys me when she (or any other similar girl) posts that on the internet.

"People with no friends:" ... It slightly saddens me on how many votes there are

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Was the "people with no friends" part necessary? Isn't it already implied that none of us have friends because all we do is read amirite all day?

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Story of my life buddy.

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For everyone reading this:

Friday nights dont mean shit, they dont get you anywhere, they dont help you in life. GET YOUR LIFE ON TRACK FIRST, trust me when I say that...I just had a close run in that jeoporadizes everything. For those who think they "have no friends" fear not, you have to understand everything changes after highschool, so dont get discouraged, plus even tho you may think it means something now, it wont mean shit when you're 40...youll eventually learn to appreciate being alone...that is when you will truly find happiness.

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@Supermannn For everyone reading this: Friday nights dont mean shit, they dont get you anywhere, they dont help you in life...

Why was this guy downvoted? He has a point. All he's saying is that if you're alone and don't have many friends during your high school years, in the long run, it won't matter because you'll move on into the real world and make friends there. Rarely do high school friendships last forever, especially with everyone moving onto college and what not.
And I agree with the alone comment, although it could be phrased better. Most humans have a natural hatred and fear of being alone. That's why you see people terrified at the prospect, like when girls drag "their besties" everywhere with them or hate spending a night in alone. I spent a lot of time alone with no friends due to bullying and illness, and because of that I have no fear of it; I even enjoy it. You become wiser, happier and more secure in yourself when you are able to enjoy yourself with or without others around you.

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Pity party much ? Why do you have a facebook if you have no friends?

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