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Better idea, dress Bale up as the Joker and have him visit the shooter in jail and beat the shit out of him.

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Maybe Christian Bale dressed as himself would work better.

I can't help but imagine Batman going there and saying, "hey.. uhhh.. sorry for not being there."

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I feel like people who want it to happen have good intentions but they didn't really think it through.

liens avatar lien Yeah You Are +38Reply

I think it's a nice thought, but the people involved with the movie should probably keep back at least for a little while because they don't know how the victims would react to something like that. And didn't Obama visit the victims yesterday or something? I think that's better- it reminds them that there are important people who care about them, but it doesn't risk reminding them of the movie

ali_ds avatar ali_d Yeah You Are +15Reply

Why not just christian bale?

@Smithers Why not just christian bale?

I think they want to show those kids that heroes exist in real life or something.

liens avatar lien Yeah You Are +5Reply
@Smithers Why not just christian bale?

obviously they did, seeing as a six year old got killed

@Smithers Why not just christian bale?

That's one child, most likely tagging along with their parents. I meant that it wouldn't have been a cinema full of children who would believe Batman is real if Christian came to visit them.

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@Smithers Why not just christian bale?

Wasn't it a midnight screening? Kids don't go to those.

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