It's ridiculous that arguments against things like LGBT in the media and even the use of the word "vagina" in an ad for panty liners include having to explain them to children. If a kid understands enough to ask, they're probably old enough to be told by their parents, amirite?

The ad that dared to use the V-wordFIFTY PER CENT of the population has one, yet the use of the word ''vagina'' in the latest Carefree advertisement has conservative groups shocked and complaints piling up.http://www.smh.com.au/national/the-ad-that-dared-to-use-the-vword-20120721-22gua.html
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If a child is young enough for the parents to be concerned about that, then the child is also young enough for the parents to control the media they are exposed to. Then parents won't need to explain it to their children because the children will not be exposed to it.

@UmmmmUmUmUmUmmmmmmm If a child is young enough for the parents to be concerned about that, then the child is also young enough for the...

No, I'm pretty sure they are young enough for their parents to control the media they are exposed to. Only allow them to watch kid friendly channels. Those channels are not going to show ads for things like panty liners. Don't let the kids watch the news. Don't let them listen to radio channels that use adult content. Also, if you agreed with the post, then why are you saying they should eradicate the public use of those words?

@UmmmmUmUmUmUmmmmmmm If a child is young enough for the parents to be concerned about that, then the child is also young enough for the...

No, they are young enough for the parents to FILTER the media they watch. They can block all the non-children channels, but they should try to eradicate the public use of words altogether.

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My parents have always been straight up with my brother and I. If we asked what something was, we would get a real answer. And my mom never tried to hide anything, or 'beat around the bush'. Hell, I got the sex talk when I was 4. Because of this I will never understand why parents try to censor everything for their children. What's the harm in knowing what things are? As long as you aren't going into graphic details and showing them porn, I don't think you're going to do any damage to them.

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I think the fact that my mom was a biologist made a difference. I learned the anatomical words when I was four or five, but again, I didn't know that they were used for sex or what the heck sex was. I also knew at that age that a baby comes from an egg and sperm, but I didn't know where those things came from or how they ended up in the same place. I merely knew the genetics of it.

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Frank Zappa led a campaign against Parental Advisory labeling in the music industry and attended a Senate hearing about the topic. Then he remixed the recording of the hearing on one of his albums. This post somehow reminded me of this.

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Who cares? I've always known what a vagina was and called it that because I have one. It's a body part get over it. Shielding your kids from stuff like words or LGBT means that you find something wrong or dirty about it and your kids will pick up on that.

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My sister was telling my mom about some kid she babysits (he's 7) and how he was saying his nipple was going to fall off and my mom got so upset, why does he know that word?! Like, it's on his body, he should know

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It's not like anyone gives a shit what a stupid kid has to say anyway

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I think a little girl has the right to know what her own body parts are called.

I'll never understand why the word vagina has so much stigma around it. VAGINA. Oh, the horror.

This is probably why Rep. Lisa Brown got kicked out of the state house for saying "vagina". She said "and finally, Mr. Speaker, I'm flattered that you're all so interested in my vagina, but 'no' means 'no."

In the midst of hearing such a vile, dirty, sinful word, Rep. Mike Callton said: "What she said...was so offensive, I don't even want to say it in front of women. I would not say that in mixed company."

.....And she promptly got kicked out. For even thinking of daring to utter such a obscenity.

This is what happens when you censor freaking body parts and put a stigma around them.

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I always thought quixotic was phonetic, even though Quixote isn't, but according to Wikipedia both are correct. Other sources just say kwiksatic.

...And on the original topic, a vagina is just a body part. While I don't think children should know that it's used for sex, I think telling them what a vagina or a penis is would be like telling them what a butt is. It's a body part used for waste disposal, and impolite to mention in public.

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MY mom told me both uses when I was five. But I only knew how it happened when I was eleven. Before that, I thought two people just lie there and think about babies.

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Why does a 7 year old need to know the planets? That we're a democracy? Or how about who the president is? What gravity is? Or the names of animals? Plants? Or how to tie shoes? Why does she need to know the earth revolves around the sun? What's the necessity in knowing how to count money at age 7? The usefulness in knowing what a heart or brain does? The purpose of knowing basic history? Maybe knowing where NYC is? Washington DC? What's the purpose in knowing all of that?

I think being so sensitive towards BASIC sex education like knowing what your own private parts are called is what's causing a lot of trouble in this country. What's the harm in teaching a child that a penis is used for waste disposal and reproduction? You don't need to go into the gory details, but what's so bad about telling her it helps make babies? And her own too? Telling her these basic facts of life isn't going to make her think about sex 24/7. I see zero harm in it and I fail to see why others would.

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The first time I heard that word was on the Duel masters anime. They pronounced it quiksotic and my mom blew up at me when I pronounced it like that. Apparetly, it's keeotic, from some knight or something.

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Unless a child is REALLY sheltered, then they probably will hear about the "bird's and bee's" from their classmates by age 10. I knew by then, most kids do and will.

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I think it was Mississippi. What she said wasn't incorrect. They were all interested in her vagina. It wasn't in a sexual way, but because sex has a stigma, they all thought it was.

A little girl knowing what a penis is doesn't make her sexualized. Even if she knew what sex was, or where babies came from. It doesn't make her more likely to become a prostitute. That's ridiculous. The only way to sexualize a child is to make them partake in/watch sex.

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