Guys should NEVER accuse a girl of getting mad because she's on her period, amirite?

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Yes and girls should NEVER try to explain their actions because they're on their period.

VexxDeGraffs avatar VexxDeGraff Yeah You Are +33Reply

I feel like if girls get the tiniest bit emotional, many guys will brush it off and blame it on PMS. There are few things more annoying than a person not taking you seriously because you're on your period, or even more infuriating, when you aren't even near that time of the month yet they still blame PMS and completely disregard your emotions. Sorry, end of rant.

Anonymous +18Reply

On the flip side, girls should never use "being on their period" as a way to justify doing mean things to other people.

Even if it's an undeniable pattern, it doesn't accomplish anything. It doesn't matter why she's mad if you can't do shit about it, so why give the another reason to be angry?

B10ckH34ds avatar B10ckH34d Yeah You Are +10Reply

I totally agree. At least my guy friends are smart about it, though. I snapped at one of my friends and he said "Gee, someone's upset for a very specific reason." Then he zig-zagged down the hallway.

My boyfriend does it all the time, even when he knows I'm not even on my period =_=

Myranias avatar Myrania Yeah You Are 0Reply

Well, not in front of her face.

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