Strippers can dress up like police officers but the police never dress as strippers. Getting pulled over by the police would be a lot more interesting if for just once, police officers dressed as strippers, amirite?

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Police women often go undercover as prostitutes, who dress similarly to strippers.

And yet when you think about it...how does one "dress" like a stripper...the idea is that they always start in a different kind of costume, right? hahaha. I liked this post.

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"Pardon me, but I'm going to have to ask you to step out of your vehicle."

This reminds me of th video I watched in drivers Ed where this cop pulled over a car with two strippers and they were drunk and told the cop he was hot and they got out of the car and ran around naked
Not too relevant to the post BUT THOUGHT ID SHARE

"I got stopped by a lady cop in my AUTOMOBIIIIILE!"

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