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When I first saw the commercial for this show my first thought was "I can't wait until the internet finds out about this"

Yeah, I find people's pathetic and/or glamorous lives amusing to watch since they're so different from my own. What's sad is that this white trash family is going to end up getting somewhat rich and famous from acting like dumbasses.

It's sad that a lot of shows exist.

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That can be said about nearly any show on TLC.

@ThisBlackChick That can be said about nearly any show on TLC.

Are you kidding? I love watching a woman eat couch cushions!

But in all seriousness, I just think this is the epitome of ridiculousness.

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It's sad that you can get so famous and recieve tons of money for being stupid, while other people are out there working their asses off to survive.

I thought this was about Toddlers and Tiaras at first, because that girl's been on it (twice, if I'm not mistaken). Then I happened to hover over the picture and see the title Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. This is just ridiculous.

I love this show because its so much fun to ridicule! The mothers get way too excited while the kids are just like "can i go sleep now?"

I've seen the commercials, and I struggle to even understand what they're saying.

It looks hilarious lol

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I hate that show with a passion... but that girl is pretty dang adorable...

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