You wish flying cars existed so that distance between you and the person you like wouldn't be an issue, amirite?

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I feel like this would be just as expensive as a plane ticket, but without the hassle of the security.

What about teleportation..

If we're going to be wishing for impractical things like that, why not something simpler? As Chewbanshee said, teleportation.
That'd be the easiest and safest way.

But regardless, I do agree that it'd be nice if everyone could be with who they like by less troublesome means, if two people met online but live 20 hours away from each other by car, that sucks.

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But if flying cars existed and could be afforded by nearly anyone, wouldn't everyone or at least several people have them, causing police to take to te skies and air traffic to be regulated and have rules and congestion just like ground travel...?

But then the sky might get really polluted and congested. And imagine if people start texting and driving in flying cars, more lives will be lost and more damage will be done to the city.

The person I liked and I wanted portals. One would be in their room and the other in mine, and we could just hang out together whenever we wanted even if we live 7,000 miles apart.

I just wish the person was close enough to me that travel wouldn't be an issue.

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