This whole Chik-fil-la thing is going a little too far... It's really not that big a deal. It's just another example of people trying to blow things out of proportion. I mean, there's gay bars and probably hundreds of other establishments that allow gays, but when there's that ONE that actually says something about being against it, then people have to start trying to force it to agree to their terms and acting like it's going to knock the universe off balance. Really uncalled for, amirite?

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I just never want to hear the words "chick-fil-a" ever again...

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The gay bar comment is stupid because straight people are allowed to go to gay bars and if they do they won't be persecuted there.

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No effing way pal.

This is not about gays being mad cause they can't eat chick-fil-a. It's about a rights movement and the fact that--yes! The lgbtq group is hugely discriminated against and it's not OK to be a group of people discriminating against another for virtually no reason aside from crazy and PERSONAL morals! And if they continue to donate to anti gay organizations and be bigots, well fine. But for as long as they have rights to have sticks in their asses, others will have rights to protest. Hating any one group for something as silly and irrelevant as preference is wrong and always will be.

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This is totally and completely my opinion, and I realize that this will get downvoted like crazy, but I feel it's about time the taboo on religious criticism goes away. I think religious reasoning should be challenged because the kind of reasoning in religion, at least in monotheistic ones like Christianity and Islam, goes against common sense in literally every other kind of conversation between humans. Admittedly, though, this whole 'Kiss in' thing seems like it would be a waste of time, and in that sense I agree with you.

Chick-fil-a does allow gays, and gays are treated the same as straight customers. It's not about how they're treated it's more about where the money is going. Think of it this way, if you were black would you want to support a company that donates money to the kkk? This example is a tad extreme (just a tad) but it's essentially the same thing.

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I absolutely do not have a problem with Dan Cathy having his opinion or anyone else having their opinion. What I have a huge problem is that Chick-fil-a has donated millions of dollars that their customers give them to anti-gay organizations that work night and day to make sure gays are denied equal rights. One of them is Exodus International, an organization which helped bring the death penalty for homosexuality to Uganda. Whenever you buy anything from them, you are not supporting freedom of speech, you are saying "Here, take my money and use it to make sure gays continue to be denied equal rights"... that's the issue here. It is not a freedom of speech issue.

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