In a relationship, there's no such thing as "love 'em but don't trust 'em". Truly loving somebody means respecting them past the point where you suspect they might cheat on you. If you think you love someone but don't even trust them, then you don't have enough faith in them or in the whole relationship in general, amirite?

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I will love people, but I fully trust nobody. It's just not reasonable. There are people you can trust your life with, but how can you know? Everyone is physically capable of lying, and there's no feasible way to tell if they are or not.

This becomes especially apparent when you watch a lot of media dealing with serial killers and murderers. These people can fake love and a relationship long and convincingly enough to use them as a tool.

Think about it. Think about your closest friend. You have literally no tangible evidence against them leading a secret life as a murderer and eventually using you as a tool in one of their plans, or making you one of their victims. The best anyone can come up with is "I know them better than that, they'd never do that." That's nothing, and that type of thing has happened to people before.

This applies to my life so much today.

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